Brand Story

Embrace Aging   Enjoy Health
Slow Paced Life as the TURTLE
Slow Exercise  .  Slow Fitness  .  Slow LOHAS  

TURTLE GYM protects your health with its professionalism, love and human-oriented concept.
We dedicate to promoting fitness for senior citizens, and helping them preserve exceptional health as always.

"Live a slow paced life as the TURTLE,
relax your mind and maintain a healthy lifestyle through the exercise,
step by step."

We define and develop the idea as [ TURTLE GYM ].
TURTLE GYM aims to develop a new type of fitness equipment that allows senior citizens to do exercise in a safe and comfortable environment, and achieve health benefits.

 “Exercise is Medicine, Let’s Stay Healthy without Medical Treatment” is our core value. We endeavor to work and research as medical centers and physical therapy centers.
By providing a new solution, TURTLE GYM shall become your best companion.